Welcome to ISCO


What We Do

  • Trade ores, concentrates and refined metals and alloys.
  • Supply equipment for steelmaking.
  • Evaluate metallurgical processes in pilot plants.

ISCO was founded in 1986 as a trading company in the mining and metallurgical industry working on behalf of its global partners to source, or distribute, ferrous and non-ferrous minerals and metals.

ISCO also supplies steelmaking equipment for rolling, metal recycling and metal casting. We offer turnkey projects or parts and accessories.

ISCO’s Metallurgical Technology Division operates from the Canadian office and specializes in pilot and bench scale testing to evaluate metallurgical processes. The service will be of interest to clients seeking to reduce risk in their projects by providing operating data and pre-production samples for feasibility studies.

With offices in Toronto, Dubai, Istanbul and Mumbai, ISCO provides a broad commercial network for our business partners in trading activity. Steelmaking equipment is supplied on competitive terms and supported by the availability of spare parts and accessories. Our pilot testing service provides comprehensive quotations for programs designed to reduce risk in metallurgical projects.